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Developer description

The idea behind TravelSherpa was to create a ‘travel assistant/companion’; a community that is always there for you during your travels.

I have done alot of travelling, some of this as a solo traveller. Although travelling solo is great and you do meet interesting people along the way it can get lonely (especially when you are in a country you do not speak the language). The idea behind TravelSherpa was to create an app which would allow users to plan trips and find other like-minded travellers who will be in the same places at the same time. You can either plan ahead or plan right there and then; i.e. your sitting in LA looking for something to do and want to connect with another like-minded traveller in a similar situation to either explore with or simply grab a coffee and have a chat.

To build on this I thought it would be great if I could also meet-up with a local resident who knows the town (i.e. explore Madrid!). Meeting up with a traveller is great but it would also be pretty cool to plan a meet-up with a local who loves their city and have them show me all the best spots so I can REALLY get off the tourist route/trap. Some of the most memorable experiences I have had while travelling has been while interacting with a local. The places you visit are great but when you chat with someone who lives there it really helps you appreciate the places you are visiting and creates even more memories.

Some of these times for me have been having a beer with a long-term hippy resident at a local bar in San Francisco or having an 80+ year old lady walk my wife and I 30mins out of her way to show us where a temple was we were looking for!

​There has been plenty more experiences like the above and they all had one thing in common, every local we spoke with, every local who approached us to assist while we looked completely lost ALL loved their home towns — they wanted to help! They were more than happy to help and proud to provide advice and talk about their hometown. This prompted the ‘find a local resident’ feature.

The one thing missing from the app was finding things to do while travelling; whenever there is a place you want to visit there is always a hand​ful of ‘must see to-dos’ basically the reason you want to go to a place in the first place! Once I have seen these I’m usually happy to explore at random and see what I come across. But there is always some highlights I have to see first. So travel ‘to-do lists’ were introduced to the app. You can add to-dos to your travel list from our to-dos database and we will also soon be updating this feature to allow users to add their own to-dos and later review to-dos.

TravelSherpa has been in the making for some time; its developed by travellers for travellers; we want this to be a real travel community, a place where you can plan your trips, meet like-minded travellers and make REAL life connections with REAL people either face-to-face or through the app via your message inbox.

TravelSherpa is available for iPhone or Android phone.

We hope you will join us

Last updated 30 Apr 2016

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