Developer description

Travel made easy with Travi. Create your own personal and unique itinerary for your desired destination based on your activity and food preferences. With just a few clicks, your trip itinerary will be ready for you, your friends, and family members. Let us do the magic for you and all you have to do go enjoy what's waiting for you on your next journey ahead!

Our app offers an easy trip itinerary creation with customization features for acitivites and restaurants. Choose and edit your scheduled based on activity or restaurant of your choice. Share your experience online with like-minded community of travelers. Enrich fellow travelers' experience with your insights and tips!

Travi offers a following set of key features, but not limited to:
- Personal itinerary creation
- Activity suggestions
- Restaurant suggestions
- Must-visit recommendations
- Transportation guides
- Trip calendar overview
- Travel guides
- Travel content sharing

Last updated 13 Nov 2020

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