Developer description

Do you wear clear aligners? Does your orthodontist tell you that you should wear them a certain number of hours a day but you keep losing track? Use Traytimer to track how long each set of your aligners is worn. Ensure that you get the best results from your aligners by staying on top of your time with Traytimer!

Everyone who wears aligners removes them various times a day when eating or drinking. This can make it difficult to remember how many hours a day that your aligners have been worn in total. TrayTimer tracks how long each set of aligners is worn by using a timer. Just stop the App from its counting clock whenever you remove your aligners. Then start it again once you've put your aligners back in. Traytimer will track the stats of each day, so you can see how much use you're really getting out of your aligners. The App also sends an alert when it is time to change sets so that treatment time is as short as possible.

Last updated 25 Feb 2013