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Published 10 Dec 2011

As a sports club treasurer myself I know exactly how much unpaid time and effort goes into getting the books straight and making sure there is enough money in the bank to pay for kit, buses, food and that nasty smelling spray that seems to cure all aches and pains. How nice it is then to see an app especially built for us unsung heroes of the sports field. As the guys behind TreasureEase point out, most people who blindly volunteer for the role are not accountants and therefore the pleasure of navigating Excel spreadsheets will come as a bit of a shock. Well that was certainly the case up until now.

With an easy on the eye dashboard this app will simplify the whole process and allow you to maintain all of the vital information in one place rather than clicking through different spreadsheets.

At the end of the day you’re not running a charity and team players need to pay their dues. With the team listed you can bill them online and when they get the invoice they’ll also get access to the site. I think this is a great idea as not only will it give transparency to the teams finances it will also prove beyond doubt to those who enjoy the facilities that "stuff" isn’t just magically plucked from thin air.

The expenses section lets you record payments due or made and can also handle recurring ones meaning you needn’t worry about forgetting to pay old Joe for white lining the pitch. You can also split any expense across the whole team or make it player specific.

So if you are a team treasurer struggling along with your spreadsheets then consign them to the bin and get properly organized. With one glance at the TreasureEase dashboard you can see what you have and what you owe and with its collaborative nature you won’t have to keep explaining it to the players either.


I like this one as it touches an area close to my heart. As well as helping team treasurers get organized it should also cut down on the number of hours spent on the books. And as these hours are usually unpaid anyway it makes even more sense. 

*See also "Arrange My Game" for another sports management app 

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