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Welcome to Treehovenland and grab some candies

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Welcome friends to Treehoven Candy For Bears

This game is about a bear engaged in a very ... More

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Published 12 Dec 2015

Everyone loves cute and cuddly bears, don't they? Especially kids. Kids also like playing online games with cute, cuddly bears in them. That's rather convenient in this case because here we have an online game with bears in it. Perfect! The unusually named Treehoven Candy For Bears is one of those fun mining games that is especially great for kids to play on their tablets. It tests their skill levels and captures their attention with its pretty colors and addictive gameplay. This new kids game for Android and iOS is one of a series of games based around a mythical land called Treehovenland that the developers are producing for both kids and families to enjoy.

The game itself is a beautiful looking one with a simple gameplay style wrapped up in colorful graphics. Here's the story. This game concerns a bear named Tom Treehoven who's engaging in some rather naughty behavior in that he's digging up an ants nest to find some yummy candy. Tom's pretty pleased with himself because he's excited to get free candy but he has to avoid being bitten by the ants. What's more, he has to do it quickly before mom and dad bear find out. So it's your job to help the rather greedy Tom out by grabbing as many candies as quickly as you can without getting bitten.

Treehoven Candy For Bears is a fun game for kids to play and has a massive...