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Editor's review

Published 29 Jan 2016

A few months ago, you might have seen a FeedMyApp review for one of a new series of educational apps for kids called Treehoven Candy For Bears. The developers’ idea for the Treehovenland series was to bring kids, families and communities together by bridging the gap between creativity and technology. They create media products for the whole family with the aim of giving parents forward thinking learning tools in the electronic and physical arena and by providing a safe, fun and educational playground experience for both kids and adults alike.

Now the developers have turned their attentions to the art of the online jigsaw.  After copious amounts of research and by studying much customer feedback, they have created a next generation jigsaw app that aims to provide the perfect form of relaxation for family and friends while sharpening the mind to cope with life's day-to-day challenges.

The Treehoven Relaxing Jigsaw is a stress free and easy to play product that offers many challenges and opportunities for personal growth while de-stressing the mind and offering traditional and relaxing jigsaw puzzle game-play. It delivers a great range of original puzzle artwork with gorgeous graphics that are suitable for both adults and kids from the age of 3 upwards. However, unlike many similar digital jigsaw apps, you can have this one up and running in just a couple of steps.

The app features puzzles for the whole family and for all skill levels and includes the beautiful Treehoven Bears 'Four Seasons of the Year' collection as well as a huge archive of exotic images from all over the world. There are 10 difficulty levels with the number of pieces ranging from 16 to 100 with all puzzles ready to play in no more than a couple of clicks. What’s more, there will be a new update available in the very near future.

The iPad has revolutionized how we play games online. What used to be only playable on the home computer has now become completely mobile with all the kiddie-friendly benefits that the iPad provides. Treehoven Relaxing Jigsaw is a calming and centering iOS app for all ages that was made with the tablet in mind. This simple but fun app lets you solve beautiful jigsaws on your own or with family, friends and children. It looks great, it's simple to use and it's completely free.

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