Developer description

We help product managers and UX designers to create well-defined tasks, easily organize them and track their completion.

Shortly, Treenga is some kind of mix of Dropbox Paper and Github Issues, so a “single task at a time” interface with rich text+images task descriptions, along with category/people assignment features. Tasks are grouped by categories (tags), which can be hierarchical and represent your project structure, or be designed around task attributes such as milestones or urgency.

Main features:

- team-based
- hierarchical tags (categories)
- simple and fast interface
- WYSIWYG-editor for task description
- drafts, so you never lose your work
- task history, so you aware who changed what
- private tasks
- hierarchical comments; it's clear who answered whom
- realtime notifications
- category descriptions
- account sharing for easy freelancing, combine multiple accounts in a single interface
- @user mentions
- instant filter which applies in realtime
- a constant user state wherever we can; collapsed comment stays collapsed

Last updated 6 May 2020