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Free wishes and a marketing opportunity

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The Treestmas is an exclusive place where you can either add your free wish and get a chance to ... More

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Published 24 Dec 2012

Now that we have made it past the debacle of the Mayan Calendar and Christmas is literally just around the corner it could be the right time to add a little charity to our lives. Treestmas is an ongoing benevolent project for marketers as well as wish givers that aims to encourage businesses to donate money to their favorite charities while gaining valuable advertising. Nothing unusual there you might say. However, visitors to Treestmas can add their own totally free wishes to the site and go in the draw for a bigger prize. So it might be time for all you marketers out there to think about a little charitable advertising to please your viewers and doing your bit for the underprivileged.
The Treestmas is an exclusive place where you can either add your own unique free wish and getting the chance to win the wish giveaway or buying a ball themselves to get great exposure and prestige for anything you are trying to promote. Anyone can become part of the Treestmas by either adding a free wish or buying one of the limited number of virtual balls. When they create their wish, wishmakers have the chance to win the $100 wish giveaway. Ball buyers enter the exclusive Treestmas elite, which gives the advertiser or donator prestige and visibility for their brand, their activity, company or organization. Furthermore, every year the Treestmas picks a charity organization to donate part of the proceeds to. This is the time to give...