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A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet

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Fully integrated business management system for small businesses.

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Published 10 Oct 2013

Whereas most large businesses can afford to have a hefty CRM to handle their workload that may not be such a viable option for small business. Apart from anything else, most CRM's carry far more features than the average small business will ever use. So what tends to happen is that they will use a whole bunch of different software to carry out their business management. The problem there is that many of these components don't work in conjunction with each other and everything can get complicated and time consuming - as if you don't spend enough time on 'paperwork' anyway. Introducing Trevvo, the fully integrated, totally free, business management system for small businesses that was design especially for tablets...and the iPad, in particular.
Trevvo is an excellent and free business CRM that has been designed specifically for small business. This fine set of business tools has just enough features to help you run your business efficiently, wherever you are. It includes tools that will help grow your business relationships by using contact directories and follow up reminders, manage complex team projects and stay on top of your personal 'to-do' lists, import thousands of existing contacts and spreadsheet data in seconds, create custom databases for business information and generate data collection forms. You can also create and send professional looking invoices and track expenses, E-sign business documents and track multiple document versions and feedback received. Finally, the app lets you collaborate and communicate with clients and fellow workers about workflows and projects using its social activity feeds.
Trevvo is a CRM that provides small business with the opportunity to run their company with the same efficiency as their larger competitors. The app is easy to use and integrates all it's various tools into one great business solution. This is a huge time saver for small business people that are sick of spending their precious time doing bookworm and opening different software for different jobs rather than doing the things they do best. An additional bonus is the fact that Tevvo was designed with the iPad tablet in mind and you won't have to scroll around to get all the information that you need. This means you can take your business wherever you go and run it from your home, your car or your bedroom, if you like. It also features an incredibly user friendly interface that your grandma wouldn't have a problem mastering very easily. If you are a small business and work from home Trevvo is a free business app thats hard to go past.

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