Developer description

Treycent's mobile web app helps you find information faster and more easily share it with friends or teammates through "voice bookmarking". When you find something interesting or useful (a document, a photo, a video, whatever) tag it with a spoken question or phrase. For example: "Show me the current project status report", "What were widget sales last quarter?", "Show me Mark's Instagram feed".

Collaborate with friends or teammates to build your own voice-enabled question answering site.

In addition to questions private to the group you can post public (or company-wide) questions like: "What's the weather in Chicago today?", "What's the status of United Airlines flight 123?", "Show me the wrecking ball video".

No need to type on small screens, no multi-step process, no search results or ad-laden sites to sift through. Just speak a question to view your web content whether its a Wikipedia page, a YouTube video, an Instagram feed or internal document.

Works with Sharepoint, Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Drive documents or any URL (internet, intranet, password-protected). Get hands-free access to web content important to you and your friends or teammates.

Stop typing and start talking!

Last updated 7 Dec 2013