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Accolades: America's #1 News App, June 2015. Top 50 overall for iOS.

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Editor's review

Published 6 Aug 2015

Are you one of those people who seem to be just that little bit behind everyone else when it comes to content on social media? Do you find that you are always 'second-best' when it comes to posting news items? If that's the case, then maybe you need a better news aggregator to feed you up-to-date stories and to make you 'top dog' on your social network. Trigger is a rather sociable news aggregator for both iOS and Android that hand picks and delivers content to you an hour or so before anyone else can get their eyes on it. It gives you the chance to become someone who posts great content that their friends actually want to read on their social network pages rather than being the one who always seem to be reading other people's news.

I don't know if you've noticed but there's an awful lot of content on the internet. And while there are a lot of news aggregation apps on the market, most literally churn out stories to everyone at the same time from all over the world. If you are looking for something a little more personalized, you need an app that not only takes its news from the best sources but delivers it to your door before anyone else has seen and posted it. Trigger is a sociable news aggregator that does things a little bit differently than most. It hand-picks the best sources and uses a unique "social momentum" algorithm to ensure that you not only get all the good stuff - but get it before your friends do. I mean...lets face it, who doesn't love saying to their friends, "Have you read this story yet?" Browsing is easy with with Trigger's intuitive, elegant interface and its super fast oad times ensure that you will post a news story before anyone else does. Alternatively, you can dig deeper and use the "Overlooked" feature to find stories about topics that you and your friends care about but haven't actually read yet. The unique algorithm analyzes your personal reading profile as well as your Twitter feed and then delivers the best recent articles that you and friends might not have read yet. Finally, knowing you probably don't always want to read the same stuff at night as you do during the day, Trigger matches your mood at the flip of a switch and instantly changes your content feed from serious stories to more lighthearted stuff.

Trigger is a very flexible social news aggregator that was recently named as America's #1 news app. It got this accolade because it is fast and uses excellent news sources. But what really makes it better than many of the others is its ability to predict which stories are going to be most relevant to you rather than just following the usual line of posting trending stories from around the world. Trigger has developed an algorithm that essentially predicts what will be become popular - meaning that you get news stories up to an hour before others do. The developers also believe that great content stimulates great conversation and have included a unique feature that allows them to show you the things that your friends aren't reading...but maybe should be. People who love to read and share content online seem to love Trigger because it cuts through all the noise that the Internet creates. If you want to be the one that shares the news first rather than the one that simply reads it, Trigger could well be the answer.

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