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Could a click-to-call button up your conversions by 143%?

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tringify provides easy to use click to call service for small business. Click to call is a ... More

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Published 2 Dec 2011

It’s all well and good knowing who’s visited your website but unless you react and do something about it you stand less chance of making a sale. And let’s face it in this day and age every opportunity should be grabbed with both hands. Tringify is a simple solution to help make sure you don’t miss a trick and the particular trick in question here is missing a vital follow up call.

According to the website someone somewhere has done some research and reckons that by simply adding a click-to-call service to your site you stand a great chance of increasing your sales by up to 143%. Those sorts of numbers are not to be sneezed at and with the addition of a simple widget to your website you too could benefit from another potential lead capturing tool.

Set up just requires a few lines of code and then you can customize the widget how you please. However you choose to do it a box will appear where customers can enter their telephone number and request a call back. Once they have done that puts you in telephone contact with them or takes an offline message if you’re unable to accept the call at that time.

The basic free plan is all that is available at the moment however it does come with the capability mentioned above along with a report function detailing offline messages and conversions. This plan gives you 50 minutes of call time.