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Travelers face problem with overwhelming information, when they plan their trip or explore a ... More

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Published 31 Mar 2012

Have I told you how much I love travel guides? TripFlick is a ruthlessly efficient free next generation guide for android that doesn't give you heaps of irrelevant information about flower shows and the city's secret nightlife. Some of us might actually prefer that kind of information but TripFlick doesn't go down that route and just concentrates on the important stuff. It does, however, add a rather intuitive side by offering you personalized recommendations based on other users' experiences and geared to your personal preferences.
TripFlicks considers that travelers face enough problems without having to deal with overwhelming and often irrelevant information when they plan their trip or explore a city. Loads of information is pushed on them which is generally based on other users ratings and personal experiences and not really applicable to your situation. Most other sites usually only address the problem of how to give recommendations to mobile users in the usual way - with simple predefined lists of interesting sites near-by. TripFlick personalizes all the information and makes it relevant to the specific user. The back-end semantic recommendation engine combines advanced recommendations and hybrid multi-objective genetic algorithms to generate highly customized itineraries and give personalized recommendations based on your interests.  It delivers semantically rich information about sights based on your interests, location, travel route, mode of transport, opening and closing hours and times. It is the only travel app so far that provides this service. TripFlick Mobile App customizes your itinerary based...