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TriplAgent has launched it's iPhone app and a mobile-friendly website for the New York market ... More

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Published 4 Dec 2013

Ask 100 people where they would like to visit and most of them will have New York City somewhere near the top of the list. I know I do.  There is something almost mythological about the place and it really is one of the great cities of the world. But what happens when you get there? What do you go and visit first? You could go and buy a guidebook which will tell you the obvious places to go and where they are but some of us might want to see a little bit of the New York that only New Yorkers really know. That's where a travel app like TriplAgent comes in very handy. This beautiful looking travel app for iOS and mobile lets you put in the things you are interested in, links you up with locals who like the same kinda things and sets you on a path to discover another side of this fine city.
TriplAgent is a mobile application firm that happens to be based in New York City. Its aim is to provide specialist travel apps that are meant to help users navigate new cities in a more meaningful and fulfilling fashion. The app leverages a myriad of insights from local tastemakers and community members  - known as Agents - who have similar tastes. Travelers can download the app, pick their interests and receive recommended lists and places in New York for the perfect personal guide with all ll lists created by local 'agents.' TriplAgent also tags each place with vibe, making it easy to discover places that match your specific mood. You can save whole lists or create lists of your own favorites and share them with friends and other explorers. Now you can travel to new places, starting with NYC, with information that is usually only given to you by a close friend who lives in the area. As the information age makes our digital worlds smaller, TriplAgent is trying to make the real world just as accessible and with unforgettable memories. At the moment, the developers have concentrated on the New York market but more cities are set to be launched early in 2014.
We do love a decent travel app at the FeedMyApp offices and TriplAgent has the potential to be one of the better ones as they develop and grow. Much as we all went to visit classic sights like the Chrysler Building, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty when we visit NYC there are a whole bunch of other stuff to see there. You might want to hunt out the Banksy paintings or just want to know where to get the best breakfast or the best cup of coffee in town. The app is an easy one to use, looks great on your phone and is easy to navigate - all with just a click of your thumb. The travel business is changing and adapting to the mobile world beautifully and this free app is a perfect example of how it can work to your advantage. Bring on the other cities too please.

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