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Published 21 Dec 2011

Here’s a great site that has more than one use when it comes to event organizing. Whether you’ve been unfortunate enough to be given the task of finding somewhere suitable for your firms Christmas bash or if you have a great venue but are finding it hard to manage, Tripleseat has something for you. The site can be used by all types of businesses connected to the event industry such as restaurants, hotels, golf courses and catering firms. By signing up, venue details are automatically added to the Tripleseat public listing site and exposed to thousands of monthly visitors. In addition the system can be easily integrated with existing websites and a tab can be added to a Facebook page meaning leads can be generated from a number of directions.

Leads can be converted into bookings in one click. All of the relevant information is instantly copied over to the client’s account saving time and money spent constantly copying and pasting. When it comes to having a look at how the business is dong the report section can produce very useful information on just where the leads are coming from and how successfully they are being converted.

All event organization produces a pile of documentation be that in the form of menu’s, proposals and contracts or attendee lists. Tripleseat allows you to create these and either share them online or as a downloadable PDF. Everything produced can be customized with logo’s to ensure company identity is fully displayed.

The system is fully collaborative and allows tasks to be delegated to other staff members and reminders can be set such as when a deposit is due. It can also be used as a very good client and contact database giving you everything you need at your fingertips.


All in all, if you’re looking for a boost in business at your event related company this might provide some answers. It will cost you $500 to set up and then $2,999 a year to run but then it could pay for itself with a couple of bookings you may never have got by going it alone.  

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