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Problem: With numerous travel resources and guides available, planning a trip has become ... More

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Published 4 Sep 2012

TripNirvana could be described as the vacation planner for the lazy holiday-maker but that really wouldn't be doing it justice. Where this app differs from the many other travel guides is in its personality and personalities. TripNirvana have teamed up with over 500 travel experts to provide a personalized holiday marketplace anchored by the knowledge and expertise of the experts that come along for the ride (er...not literally but certainly  in spirit.)  Just build a skeleton of the trip you wish to take and TripNirvana will connect you with a planner with local knowledge to make sure your trip fulfills all your dreams.
TripNirvana will pair you up with an expert planner who will create the perfect trip to any destination in the world. Tell them what kind of trip you're looking for and they will  help you craft an itinerary based on your tastes from someone that knows about your destination. With so much travel resource and guides available, planning that special trip has become quite a complicated and time consuming chore these days. You can spend days meticulously researching and planning your trip. To some of us that is one of the pleasurable parts of the process but to others it's sheer hard work. Holidays are pretty special things and you might find its the only one you have all year so it pays to do it right and get some help from the experts. While most travel sites like gogobot and...