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Published 20 Apr 2013

Tripomatic have earned themselves a name over the last few years as one of the better travel organizations. They have always aimed at providing and excellent travel information that helps you create and plan a trip fast. They have been described in the past, as being like a cross between Google Maps, Lonely Planet and Wikipedia. Now they have branches out and are using their travel knowledge to release Tripomatic City Guides and Maps where you can easily create your very own travel guide for over 300 major destinations around the world.
Tripomatic City Guides and Maps lets you create your own personalised travel guide for more than 40.000 attractions as well as quickly helping you to find all the great nearby sights. This classy trip planner features an easy-to-use interface that makes it quick and simple for trip planning on the go. Tripomatic features great photos, contact details, opening hours and admission fees for thousands of attractions worldwide with plenty of room to add your own favorite places. Flick and search through the top activities and easily add them to your daily planner. You can browse the maps with all the attractions laid out in front of you and easily see what is nearby and around you - including the distance and direction. You can plan most of the trip on your computer and fully sync and fine-tune your trip from your computer or change your plans on your mobile while on the go. There are trip templates for popular destinations to get you started and you will notice the heading indicator that shows the direction to nearby attractions. Tripomatic features a stunning design with fast, modern and a fresh looking interface.
Regular readers of FeedMyApp reviews will know how much we love a good travel guide application. And I have to say that Tripomatic have continued their excellent work with yet another very useful all encompassing travel app that will be loved by many. The app was featured as one of the Best Travel Apps in 2012 by The Next Web and it's easy to see why. It has so many great and useful attributes that were described earlier but possibly the most useful is its ability to sync with other devices. You can do the bulk of your travel planning on your home computer but, if you decide to change your plans while on the road, you can continue by using the app on your mobile. Tripomatic City Guides and Maps is a must have travel app for the serious traveler.

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