Developer description

Tripshare is the first travel planning app to let users create bookable itineraries with actual dates, prices and availability for flights, hotels, vacation rentals and tours. Tripshare trips are more than wish lists. They are real, and they are actionable.

Tripshare is ideal for complex trips or for people who plan travel meticulously. With Tripshare, users take control of trip planning by tapping into content partners’ huge inventories via a simple, map-based interface supported by high-resolution photos and a drag-n-drop editor. It’s a professional tool that’s easy enough for anyone to use.

Tripshare is also a good fit for small groups traveling together to attend weddings, family reunions, or sports events. Users share trips via social networks and email. Companions see the same photos, descriptions, reviews and prices as the organizer, so they no longer have to do their own research to provide useful feedback.

Last updated 30 May 2013

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