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Triton Snake is the funniest and newest variation of the already fun and addictive classic snake game! Unlike the old version, this snake can slither like a real slitherer, bringing a whole new experience to the game-play!
How to play: Snake eat mice; your snake can eat the mice that come through the mouse-hole. Mice eat cheese; they are after the cheese. Your snake isn't picky, it can eat the cheese too! Eat the cheese before the mouse can and chase the mouse while it tries to get back to its save mouse-hole or just leave the mouse alone. This is all up to you!
Different actions imply different grow speeds for your snake. Touch within the game arena to order your snake to move in that direction. You can also press the screen continuously for the crawler to follow your finger or stylus. Your snake will devour everything it encounters, even its own tail! Try to stay clear of your snakes own (growing) tail and make sure it does not get entangled with its own body. Don't touch the sides of the game arena, they are solid. You will go game-over if you do.
The mouse is intelligent. It can sense if there is cheese in the arena. If the cheese is gone, the mouse will immediately try to return to its hole. It also stays clear of the snakes dangerous head and it will anticipate your movement to do so. However, the mouse has limitations too! Its movement is restricted by both the walls and your snakes body. From time to time, the mouse can hop over your body. Enjoy playing!
Share scores With Google Play you can share your best score with your friends and with the world. Upon starting the app, Google Play will ask your permission to access and share your score. This app will not receive any information about you. Your top-score score is automatically synchronized with your device. This enables you to play across multiple devices.
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Last updated 8 May 2015

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