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Journaling made easy and effective, even on the move! Guided journaling sessions with Tria, your virtual human companion. Journaling helps you reduce stress, improve problem solving, and drive personal and professional growth in 3 minutes or so a day. Now you can journal just by talking.

Your commute just became a journey towards self-improvement.

Easiest Journaling App - Our state of the art technology means that journaling is easier and more helpful than ever before! Tria, your virtual human companion, will call you at times you have specified, and will prompt your journal entry responses. Busy life? We understand.

Guided, Spoken Journaling - Talk on the phone like you would with any other phone call. Tria then records and transcribes your responses, right into the Journal. You can review and edit these at any point. Please check out our Premium and Ultimate packages for these features.

Beautiful Interface - Easy to use interface, designed with you in mind. Easily access your stored journal entries, and navigate through our beautiful screens.

Reminders - schedule your journal calls directly in the app, so you’ll never forget to journal again. Also, journal when it suits you.

Edit Your Journal - You can access your journal at any time and edit your responses. Look back and reflect on past entries with ease, using our super simple navigation.

Scientifically Backed - Our scientifically backed approach brings the practice of journaling to the 21st century.

Power Summaries - Get limited access to audio summaries of some of the best articles and other self-improvement resources. Full access with Premium and Ultimate packages.

Power Quotes - Get limited access to narrations of Power Quotes articles. These narrations take an inspiring quote, explore the different themes that the quote touches upon (e.g. Motivation), and then provide some actionable tools and tips. Full access with Premium and Ultimate packages.

Sync - Sign up for an account to sync your journal entries as well as purchases across multiple devices.

Last updated 26 Aug 2017

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