Developer description

Consult, report and protect yourself from users who ruin your experience of social networks.
It all started as a game played between team members of the interactive agency where the idea was born. We call it “the Russian roulette of Twitter” and the object is to confirm that, at whatever point you randomly scroll the Twitter timeline to on your mobile phone, there will be at least one message from a troll. The behaviour of these users can range from RTs, compulsive favs, spam and irrelevant content, to serious cases such as threats, identity theft or harassment that have recently resulted in sentences being handed down.
Trolldor is the first global blacklist of Twitter trolls, and is completely free. Our quest is to make Twitter the interesting and compact space that it was before, as well as to create a framework of mutual protection that will allow the Twitter community to increasingly isolate these types of user.
It is fully operational and can be visited at
But to give you an idea, I will describe it in two parts:
On the one hand, any user of Twitter may denounce another by stating the reason why the latter should be added to the Trolldor blacklist. It will require several reports from different users for someone to be listed as a troll. On the other hand, any public search allows us to obtain a set of indicators on a Twitter user's activity, such as the average number of tweets per day, the ratio between retweets and personal content, the percentage of users with basic profiles (due to the purchase of followers), etc. This allows us to see in advance whether the profile in question shows little respect with regard to the rest. However, we believe in giving people a second chance and the system allows a user to be removed from the blacklist by means of an appeal or a pardon. only works with Twitter accounts at present, but we are already working on a service for Facebook users, extending trolldor with new features, and reaching agreements with well-known websites that will allow us to extend the framework of protection.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015