Developer description

Trov is a free mobile app that easily values and securely organizes the things you own, so you can do more with them.

Collect Your Things
The information about the things you own is automatically added to your Trov, through features such as barcode scanning, email receipt sync, 3rd party product database integrations and more! Includes ability to easily add relevant documents like insurance, warranties, maintenance records, etc.

Value Your Things
All items in a Trov are assigned estimated values from a variety of 3rd party sources (eBay, Zillow, Kelley Blue Book). So you always know the total value of the things you own.

Connect Your Things
With your things valued and organized, you can now do more with them, like sell on eBay (and other marketplaces), insure high-ticket items or share with friends or reference important information when you need it!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015