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Save heaps by monitoring those bills that slip under the radar

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Published 21 Jul 2016

[cont'd] for any price increases that may occur. You now have total control over your subscriptions and billing and it's easy to cancel any that aren't needed anymore with just a few clicks

You could argue, of course, that all it takes is a phone call to cancel a subscription. Well, I don't know if you've tried that recently but chances are, you'll be put on hold and in a queue - waiting for someone to deal with your enquiry. Truebill let's you cancel in a matter of seconds saving you precious time as well as saving you money. According to the developers, the average Truebill user saves US$512 per year by cancelling unwanted subscriptions. That's a huge amount. The app continues to monitor your statements while you get on with your life and sends you out a monthly report informing you of any changes that might have occurred.

We've all been surprised at some point by a random charge on our credit card or bank statement. The worst ones are those free trials that you've forgotten about and that kick in after 14 or 30 days. Truebill gives you back total control over your accounts and lets you choose which services you want to continue to be billed for. Once your accounts are connected, Truebill lets you track your subscriptions over time, helping you identify and catch rate hikes and extra fees. You won't have to worry about...