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Save heaps by monitoring those bills that slip under the radar

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Published 21 Jul 2016

[cont'd] security either. The developers use the most up to date industry protocols for storing your account data including 256-bit SSL encryption. When requesting statements from your financial institutions, bank-level security with read only access is utilized. This means your login credentials are never stored on their servers and Truebill never has access and cannot make any changes to your accounts.  What's more, they will never sell or share your data with any third party.

Truebill is one of those apps that makes perfect sense. It uses sophisticated algorithms to identify our subscriptions and recurring bills and lets us have complete control over them. It's not so bad when you have one or two subscriptions to keep track of but, the thing is, there are going to be more and more as the years roll on. Whether its the gym membership, Netflix or Spotify or the myriad of others that are going to crop up in future years, it's best to get a handle on them now because subscribing to a service rather than owning stuff is the way the world is heading.  Truebill is very easy to use and will save a lot of time and money as well as giving you an element of control over those bills that might slip under the radar. Its available for free right now for Android and iOS mobiles and tablets.