Developer description

TruePal aims to build an open community made up of a network of your friends, acquaintance and neighbors wherein you have some connection with almost everyone you see here. This makes it so much easier to get answers to your queries and buy and sell stuff as it is so much more reliable than dealing with strangers.

Whether you are buying a car or selling your old treadmill, you could transact with your friends, their friends, or neighbors. In short, you deal with people you know.

You can also ask questions like any suggestions for cleaners, cook or nanny or what is the best time to visit Europe. Or ask if someone have coupon for ikea store.

If you are planning a holiday, instead of searching and relying on advises in forums, you get honest advise from your friends. And if you have time, you quickly answer their questions too. With TruePal all your trust issues are laid to rest and you can get an instant response to all your concerns and needs. Friends respond quickly and are trustworthy.
Also, Friends can also share deals with each other. So, next time you find a great deal on any item, share it with your friends by just posting on TruePal.

Opportunities are endless when you are connected with your friends on Truepal. Download Truepal app today on ios and android device for free.

Last updated 10 Dec 2015

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