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Developer description was launched in 2010 as “Truly Vegas”, originally helping people plan trips ... More

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Published 29 Nov 2015

If you've ever been the poor sucker who has been put in charge of planning a group trip or organizing corporate travel, I can only have sympathy for you because it can be a hugely time consuming operation. If you're lucky, you have a great travel agent who knows all the deals, all the places to visit and where to get the best tickets for events. Unfortunately, finding one with that much knowledge is not the easiest thing. It doesn't end there either. Even after the trip is over, there are still all the bits and bobs to take care of and, if anything goes wrong, there only going to be one person to take the blame.

Luckily, there's now an app on the market to help you out. Truly Visit is a new travel app for iOS and Android that gathers all the travel information that you need under one roof and uses local experts to guide you to the very best travel and entertainment experiences possible. The platform provides access to all the very best entertainment and accommodation deals using local knowledge as well as keeping everyone informed as to the trip itinerary.

Truly Visit began in 2010 as Truly Vegas and was set up to help people plan trips to Las Vegas. Since then, the company has expanded to offer trips to all the great destinations around the world. Using this unique and comprehensive travel planner app, groups can log in, plan and...