Developer description

Hey America, welcome your action packed adventure game...Trump Topia!

From the rugged mountains of Rushmore to the multiple rivers in Baltimore, Trump Topia is the most patriotic game found on the google play store! Made with taco love from Austin, Texas..check out this new exhilarating adventure game from Appchief!

This mario-style game packs hilarious sound clips, characters, and multiple engaging levels! Run through historically designed maps like North Korea and Mexico. Explore ways to find secret passages, collect hidden coins, and find ways to gather all the unreachable gems!

Kick off the game at the White House in Washington D.C. and work your way to the trickiest map..North Korea! Can you dodge all of Kim Jong Un's targeted missiles? Avoid evil enemies and tricky traps, do you have what it takes to get to the end and win?

Do you absolutely LOVE adventure games on android? You must download this game!

This game is addicting and even has a endless mode! Run your favorite characters through over 100 scenes and collect coins to unlock new characters like Putin and Obama! Do you have what it takes to unlock all 11 characters? Let's see what you got!

Whether your play as Hillary or Trump, you will have a blast playing this amazing free Trump game!

Each character even has a select unique feature. Can you unlock MAGA trump and pass each level with 100% ease? How about using Obama to run fast through levels like North Korea and collect all the hidden gems?

Download today and save the world!

Last updated 26 Jul 2019