Developer description

Trunq users capture, share & privately save their favorite videos, pictures & other digital items with a quick snap. The moments are uploaded or shared to Trunqs — which are personal digital scrapbooks maintained on a timeline. Users can share items to open in Trunqs immediately or the items are locked from opening for up to a year in the future to highlight a special day or event (the messages sent that cannot be opened until later are called “Laters”). With Trunq, you can build private mobile "Trunq” scrapbooks, or add to the Trunqs of others (like for your child). With minimal effort, the result over time is a digital “trunk” of curated moments that can be viewed anywhere on the Trunq mobile app or on a desktop at

Learn more by watching the Trunq video:

Last updated 10 Mar 2016

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