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Published 13 Oct 2012

[cont'd] away with many of the housesitters' having comprehensive background checks and references from other homeowners on the site. Potential sitters provide heaps of information about themselves including video profiles and police checks making it easier for the homeowner to find the most reliable and trustworthy sitter. Those interested in becoming a housesitter can sign up and create a reliable profile and within minutes be able to apply for the latest house sitting jobs. Homeowners can go on vacation with peace of mind knowing that their house and pets are being looked after by responsible, caring and trusted housesitters.
Trusted Housesitters is a free app centered around the UK and Europe and came about when the developers discovered a paucity of information on the net to solve the problem of what to do with their homes when they go on vacation. They created this app to become the centre point where both sitters and homeowners could get together to mutually solve the problem. The app is clear, clean and precise and the amount of background checking on the sitters suggests it could well be one way of solving what often turns out to be an expensive exercise - the pet problem! So next time you think of kenneling the dog or rehousing the snake for a few weeks think that there might be a different alternative. If you are in the UK then Trusted Housesitters might be one to look at.