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Centralize your trust scores in one place. Increase trust, increase sales!
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Published 30 Oct 2011

There's only one word that is important in online trading and that's trust. High Street stores love to advertise that they have been around for years and that you can trust them implicitly but there's not really any retro verification online. One site looks much like any other and most people wouldn't have a clue as to whether it was trustworthy or not. That's why companies like Pay Pal exist. TrustRoll is an ecommerce marketing security tool where you can collect all your trust scores from eBay, Artfire, Etsy and others in one place for your customers to see.
TrustRoll helps to increase trust and sales by centralizing all your trust scores in one place. TrustRoll will increase your trust rating with customers  by centralizing your eBay, Etsy, Artfire & other trust scores into one place. Increasing your trust rating increases sales. Make it quick and easy for buyers to see your trustworthiness by centralizing the trust scores from all the services that you may sell on to. The idea being that people who trust you will buy more and tell their friends. Combine your individual rankings to create a unified trust score you can use anywhere, to increase your sales everywhere.

Anything that has the potential to increase your sales has to be considered - especially when it is free. This ecommerce marketing security tool just adds another piece of weaponry in the quest for world domination - meaning better sales. By allowing customers to see that you have good karma coming from places like eBay and Etsy only adds to their confidence in you. By gathering all your trust scores into one place just accentuates the collected trust. TrustRoll is an easy to use free tool that will increase your trust around the community...and your karma too.

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