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The only fitness app with real, live, human, personal trainers

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truTrainer is the only application that puts a real personal trainer on your mobile device. ... More

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Published 22 Jul 2013

Many of us dedicated to getting our fitness back on schedule tend to go down one of two tracks these days. We either go the whole hog and hire a personal trainer to guide us back to a fitness regime we can handle or we invest in an app so that we can monitor our fitness ourselves. The only trouble there is that the cost of a personal trainer is pretty high and most apps tend to take a 'one size fits all' approach and assume everyone is at the same level of fitness to begin with. truTrainer combines those two different approaches by having real live personal trainers available on your very own app that you can keep with you wherever you go. So now you can have a personal trainer in your pocket for a fraction of the cost of a real one barking out instructions in front of you.
truTrainer is the only application on the market that puts a real, live, human personal trainer on your mobile device to help you get on track and reach your personal fitness goals. Can't afford a trainer in the gym? Have don't have the time to dedicate to a trainer every day? Well, when you sign up with a personal trainer from truTrainer, you can have your very own personal trainer in your pocket ready to workout with you according to your schedule and for a fraction of the cost of using a trainer from the gym. The app gives you your very own personal trainer who will create workouts for you and work with you towards helping you reach your desired level of fitness. truTrainer is changing what it means to have your mobile device guide you in the gym. So many personal fitness options available to the general public provide large exercise libraries with no guidance, or they tend to force individuals into a "cookie cutter" fitness solution that might not be appropriate for their needs. truTrainer is the only application that brings real personal trainers to customers that are working out in the gym via their mobile devices. You can choose your very own personal trainer to work with you every step of the way and help you realize your personal fitness goals. Trainers create custom exercise regimens, offer fitness guidance, monitor customer progress and update workouts based on customer performance.
We here at FeedMyApp have reviewed quite a few fitness apps of late - it seems we all want to get fitter - and truTrainer stacks up very well amongst similar ones like myGym and Ab Motivate but it does have one major advantage. Exercise programs are constructed by real living people rather than a computer. Choose your own trainer and they will organize a fitness program suited to your specific needs. truTrainer looks great on your mobile with excellent 3D graphics and you can contact your trainer any time you like to discuss individual needs. It's easy and clear to use and fits in with our busy lifestyles. Rather than downloading a generic fitness app or nipping down to the gym to hire your own personal trainer it might be a better and cheaper option to look at an app like truTrainer.

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