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An employment tool dealing with people rather than resumes

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Published 13 Dec 2011

The job market is so tight at the moment that every little bit helps if it lifts you above the other candidates when it comes to employment opportunities. While you may have supplied your detailed resume and brilliantly worded cover letter that may not be enough to get you over the line. Truyuu is a job and employment tool that deals with people rather than a mere resume. Their brief is that they would like everybody to be energized and engaged in their place of employment and will go out of their way to match the right person with the right job.

To Truyuu, you are far more than just a resume. People pay TruYuu for new ways to express and differentiate themselves professionally when looking for employment. Companies pay them to use their “secret sauce” to save them time and money in hunting for high-fit candidates. TruYuu is a US only online service that provides people the information, resources and tools to get into better fitting, productive and satisfying jobs. With more companies joining TruYuu all the time the number of jobs being privately matched keeps growing. They constantly work on behalf of their members to find companies who want to find great people. Some of the first US companies to commit to people and begin matching using TruYuu are Bank of America,, jcpenney, Momentum, tpn, TracyLocke, RAPP and Zappos.

TruYuu's member base is growing everyday by working with various organizations like Hiring for Hope, Talent...