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Developer description

TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa app offers a special collection of TTMM clock faces, equipped with the weather feature, in a monthly subscription plan. This collection is designed for the Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Versa Sense, available for Android and iOS.

Weather feature
The weather subscription plan gives access to weather info, UV index, and detailed Air Quality as well as to the unique weather and air quality alerts.

Special Views
TTMM-S clock faces are equipped with two extra views: the weather condition view (equipped with UV index, Air Quality index, and weather icon with temperature) and the air quality view (presenting AQ Index and detailed information about the presence of PM 10 and PM 25 particles in the air in your area).

Unique Alerts
TTMM-S clock faces are equipped with unique weather alerts. These alerts help you prepare for or avoid an unhealthy environment. You can choose from three types of alerts: dangerous weather conditions, very high UV radiation, or unhealthy Air Quality. The clock face will display a message when the outside conditions turn unhealthy or dangerous.

Awarded Design
TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa app is designed in a minimal style for comfortable exploration and use. The app presents clock faces in three categories: the Analogs, the Digitals, and the Abstracts. It has a clear and elegant view of a single clock face design together with info on how to: read time, set weather features, and operate a given clock face. Via the favorite list, you have fast and easy access to upload your chosen clock face. All the clock faces have color presets and complications settings that are controlled through a tap-to-change on-screen feature. Some designs are additionally equipped with a stopwatch, a timer, an alarm, or a torch feature. In 2020 TTMM app has won the Red Dot Design award and in 2021 has become a finalist of prestige IF Design Award.

TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa app, stacked with 12 designer clock faces and the weather feature, is available in an affordable subscription plan for just 1.99$ / month. TTMM-S for Android has 3 days trial.

Last updated 10 Mar 2021