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Calm your fear of flying

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Published 28 Jun 2012

[cont'd] air pockets or bumps this app will unlock the mystery about turbulence. It's a simple to use and cost effective app that was designed for any traveler or person with a mild case of fear of flying. Just type your travel itinerary into the app and  it will cross reference aviation weather data to give you a better complete forecast on the  chances of turbulence happening on your flight. It checks the departure point, cruise flight & arrival point.
Turbcast is great for anyone who travels and provides self-help tips and  videos explaining air turbulence  and is available in 4 languages. You just have to enter a simple three letter airport identifier, the time and time zone and your information is delivered. So don't lose any more sleep over your next flight and let Turbcast overcome your fear of flying with confidence. Then the only thing you have to worry about the guy in the next seat not throwing up over you.