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Published 29 Mar 2016

The social media world is an ever changing one. It goes through static moments where little seems to change and then another network comes along that slightly kinks the model a little bit. Facebook started it off and then there was Twitter for words, Instagram for photos and i read recently that users now send over 2 billion Snapchat photos and videos every day. Astonishing! So why do we need another social network to complicate our lives even further?

Well, all of the four heavyweight social networks allow you to watch videos and look at photos, to make comments about them and to show that you like or love them - but only after they have been viewed. The big difference with Tuurnt is that, while you can do all those same things, here you can do them while everyone is watching. From the time it is posted, you have 24hours to reply with something of your own - thus creating a video or photo sequence with your friends or family that is unlike that of any of the other social networks.

Tuurnt aims to bring back the true meaning of socializing in social media by taking interaction to a completely new level. Rather than simply liking a post or trying to think up a witty comment to go along with it, this iOS photo and video sharing app lets you reply with a post of your own while it's still running. You can participate by connecting or attaching a video or photo of your own to continue the fun. This creates a sequence or a Tuurnt, as it's now known.

The app is perfect for parties and get togethers or simply for having a little unusual fun with your friends and family and looks great on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can still do pretty much all the things that you did on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat but Tuurnt twists the concept a wee bit to make it just a little bit more social and a lot more fun. Your interaction will spur others on to add their own posts and continue the fun to ensure hours of entertainment and a lot of laughs all round. 

We haven't had a new social network for a while now and Tuurnt could be the next big thing, you never know. It certainly has a fun ingredient to it and has the potential to catch on. It still amazes me how one app is successful whilst another disappears into oblivion. I mean, how did Pinterest get so big and Flipboard flounder? Give Tuurnt a try and you'll be surprised just how much fun it can be. It's available on the app store now for free on the usual iOS devices but you'll need iOS 8.0 or later to run it.

Oh, and one last thing. Tuurnt is running a competition at the moment where you can win sporting and event tickets just for downloading and uploading videos and photos on the app. Here's the link.


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