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TV Fort keeps track of your current TV shows. Discover new tv shows, discuss and share them with your friends.

In 2014 the website got refreshed with nice and clean look similar to iOS7 design. The different sections are easy to access from the collapsable navigation and shorcut links at the bottom of the screen.

The web application is coming as the best series tracker you’ve ever seen. With the use of multiple databases, your series information has never been so accurate. You can preview and buy series on iTunes Store right on your iOS device.

This powerful web application app helps you follow your favorite shows and discover new ones based on those you have already viewed or see what your friends are watching.

You can manage your free time with access to calendar. Under the Calendar view, check out day-by-day schedules of the shows you watch. Find out what is on tonight and plan ahead for TV watching, or DVR recording.

You can also try many more features such as browsing stats of how much time you spend watching TV or setting the notifications when the new episode airs via RSS feeds and e-mails.

The site was designed exclusively as mobile-first. Your series and watched episodes are accessible across all your devices (mobile, tablet and desktop PC).

People who watch TV a lot are probably going to like how easy this app is to use. It offers a very comprehensive database of television shows, and gives you tons of information on plot synopsis, episode number and airdate, actors, and more.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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