Developer description

TVphoon is an Internet TV service that makes it easy for people to watch the best content on the web in TV format for FREE. Our service emulates a true TV-watching experience that keeps users coming back. Our high-quality programming includes 50+ dedicated channels featuring dozens of YouTube’s best and most popular publishers. You can watch hundreds of hours of daily updated video entertainment, allowing you to click less and watch more. Watch TVphoon on Google TV, Windows 8 devices (Surface Tablet), or your PC or Mac. Don't worry there will be more extensions soon.

And unlike other Internet TV services, TVphoon lets you to begin watching videos instantaneously with no downloading required or dozens of links to sift through. TVphoon’s TV emulation technology simulates a television-watching experience by automatically progressing the playback of all channels simultaneously, and like a DVR you can pause or replay the video you didn't finish. For instance, imagine that you are watching a gaming channel but decide to switch to a food channel. After five minutes you switch back to the original gaming channel and it will now be five minutes further ahead in its playback than where it was when you originally switched. Even still, you have the ability to browse backward (or forward) in any channel’s video queue to ensure that nothing was missed.

With TVphoon You Can:

* Watch the best video entertainment on the web without searching for the next video FREE in a sit-back and watch experience
* Discover entertaining viral content, news, emerging musicians, do-it-yourself tips & more

TVphoon's Private Beta Features:

* Create your own networks (multiple channels)
* Share your network, channel or favourite video with friends across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015