Developer description

TWAIN (Talking with Artificial Intelligence Naturally), is a highly developed app software which provides a virtual assistant, selecting and reading books, telling jokes and stories, answering questions from Wikipedia, all delivered in the most natural advanced interface possible– Your voice. Just speak to Twain like you do with Siri.

Twain provides hours of fun and education for all ages, 3+. Its been designed specifically for younger users as adults can create a ban list of themes. Rest assured Twain only searches Wikipedia it does not search the Internet.

Key Features


Ask any question and Twain will answer! Using the same technology that Apple uses with their Siri to access Wikipedia. Ask those burning questions young minds dream about, Where is SkyTree? When was the battle of Waterloo? Who invented the light bulb? Who is Lady Gaga? What is bread? Twain knows the answer, all the information of Wikipedia is just a spoken word away.

Project Gutenberg

10's thousands of out of copyright books, Ask Twain to read you any book! From great Children’s classics like Cinderella to short stories like Goody Two Shoes great for very young listeners to long classics such as War and Peace for older listeners. And Twain will immediately start reading it for you. A treat for bed time stories. If you cant think of a title just ask “Read Me a Book” or “Read me a Children's Book” and Twain will randomly choose one for you. Don't worry if you cant remember the page you left from the last time you listened to a book, Twain will remember and continue reading to you.

Create Your OWN talking Avatar!

Select any GIF animation as your talking character that moves on the screen as it speaks. Compatible with Androidify.

Last updated 18 Sep 2015

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