Developer description

TweetFavy is a simple growth hacking tool for Twitter. It's a great and cheap alternative to twitter ads for small businesses to gain targeted followers and website traffic.

Here's how it works:

1. You add some targets (Twitter search terms) in your dashboard.
2. Our system will start looking for tweets related to those targets. It will then use an algorithm (uses a simple form of Artificial Intelligence to get better over time) to rank all the tweets it finds, and will then proceed to mark the top few as a 'favorite' using your Twitter account.
3. Both the author of the tweet and all people tagged within it will receive a notification, and will then view your Twitter profile. We call this an 'Impression'.
4. Some of those people take a look at the website in your Twitter bio and/or they will start following you on Twitter, we call this a 'Conversion'. You will get an overview of all these people including some useful details and statistics.

Last updated 30 Nov 2014