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Editor's review

Published 12 Dec 2017

What do you do when you are planning to invite a whole bunch of people to a wedding, a gala opening or a birthday party? Do you pick up the phone and start calling, whip round to the local stationers to get invites printed up or start messaging? We've all had to do it at some stage in our life but it's hardly an efficient way of going about things, is it? Especially in this digital age when other options are available. Apart from anything else, it's hard to keep track of everyone and involves a heck of a lot of paperwork...not to mention brain power. Naturally, there's an online answer to this problem and here's one that will save you a lot of time and effort. 

Twingle Invites & RSVP is a new free app for iOS and Android that takes all the effort out of invitations as well as delivering a well presented and all-encompassing package of goodies. Here you can send out beautifully animated invitations right from your phone, get RSVP tracking, send and receive notifications with automatic reminders and sync information with your calendar as well as being able to organize potlucks and polls. You can also easily share event pictures, videos and chat with your guests (Event Group Chat) all from one place by using the app's free default features.

Once you've downloaded the app and created your free account you can start creating your event(s) straight away. The service integrates with your contact list, making it simple to send out invitations via text or email. If your guests aren't in your contacts list you can manually add them. Your guests don't even have to have the app installed to receive an invite. They'll get an RSVP link that will allow them to see and respond to the invitation via their device or PC. 

You can start off by picking an appropriate theme - which can be birthdays, weddings, seasonal holidays, occasions, social events or the featured theme - and then you can scroll through the invites in each category. Alternatively, you can enter a search theme of your own choice or simply create your own personalized theme using your own photo. Some are animated, some feature music while others are simple plain invites. You get to choose. Just enter your details - the event name, start date and time (and an end date/time if applicable.) The event location is integrated with both Apple and Google maps so it's easy for guests to see where they have to go. Once you have entered all the details and are happy with the result you can either test it out on other themes at the touch of a button or you can just press create and you are done.

Twingle can be compared with the Evite app but it's much simpler, quicker and easier to put together and uses far fewer steps. What's more, there are also features that can be activated that will give you options for allowing attendees to bring guests, messaging and RSVP by dates etc. Finally, there are even a few last bespoke features that allow for guests to nominate a dish to bring, an activities schedule where you can create events within the main event and polling to select the most popular catering of the day. Pizza or BBQ? Let your guests decide if you wish. All in all, Twingle Invites & RSVP covers all bases and is one of the best of its type on the app market. It's available now for free on Android, iPhone and iPad from the relevant App Store. 

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