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Viagra for your tweets - when 140 characters just isn't enough

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What is Twishort? Twishort is a service that lets you post messages more that 140 characters ... More

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Published 17 Feb 2012

Some think the 140 character limit to your Twitter tweets is too many characters while there are others who want to pontificate until the cows come home. You can't please all the people all the time. Given some of the inane ramblings of some tweeters it is probably a blessing in disguise that there is a limit but sometimes you just can't get your story across in that small amount of words and that's where Twishort comes in handy. This Twitter and blog tool let's you get your message up with a link for your avid readers to follow to read the whole story.
Twishort is a service that lets you post messages more that 140 characters long to Twitter. One of the things that people seem to really love Twitter for is the limit of 140 characters. But sometimes there is a need to give a long answer, to clarify a challenging question or to quote somebody‚Äôs words etc. You could paraphrase of course but there's nothing better than reading the whole thought rather than an abridged version to get the full story. So how does  it work? Well, you post your long text - no matter how long it is.  Twishort then cuts it to the allowed limit and automatically posts it to Twitter with a link. If you follow that link you will be able to read the whole post. You will be pleased to know that if your original tweet is less than 140 characters Twishort does not add any links to it so there is no inconvenience. If you are unsatisfied that your Twishort 'cut' tweet is right then you can even change it again before it goes live. You dont need to sign up to anything and all you need is your Twitter account to be up and running. Twishort are using OAuth for authorization so the service is not only  convenient but also safe.
Most people will never feel the need to use Twishort but it is an excellent tool to have tucked away for those times when you feel the need to be a little more explanatory in your tweets. With Twitter's use spreading from its once purely social medium through to newer avenues like advertising and politics I can see where a bit of verbosity is going to come in handy. For those kinda people 140 characters is never going to be enough. Twishort will prove itself to be a useful free Twitterand blog tool when it is in the right hands.

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