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Published 17 Oct 2011

Great radio stations are few and far between aren't they? Either the music is not quite what you are looking for or there is the incessant jovial chat from the rock jock at the microphone that annoys you. Why can't they just play the music you want to hear? Twist Radio gives you the opportunity to create the radio station that you want, play the music you want and listen to it anywhere there is an Internet connection.
Twist Radio is an free iPhone music share tool that lets you create your own radio station and gives you complete control over the songs you choose and listen to instantly from the clouds. The excellent and fast search engine searches out your current favorites and lets you play them at your convenience. The originals and remixes there are awesome! You can discover the top songs the week and check out the hits by genre as well as searching for artists and getting similar artists recommendations. Then save your playlist for listening to later or share with you friends on Facebook and Twitter.

It's impossible to find a radio station that delivers the music that you want to hear every second of the day and night. With Twist Radio you'll never have to listen to another Robbie Williams or The Jonas Brothers song ever again - unless you want to of course. This music share tool for your iPhone let's you stream all your favorite...