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Developer description

"Twisted Racer" is an unusual racing game where the winner must also be a daredevil. In "Twisted Racer" you pick a vehicle and race against other cars not on the grounds of who finishes first, but also who does the most stunts. Collect gold coins as you drive recklessly towards the finish and do as many jumps and twists as possible to get the highest score.
Here are some of its main features:
+ Different vehicles. 12 vehicles are waiting for you to skin them with 3 different options.
+ Levels & missions. The game has 18 colorful levels, from green forests to mountains and even Mars, each with two missions so double the fun (double the trouble).
+ In-game upgrades. Collect the gold coins as you race others, jump and twist to improve your score and get more coins to upgrade your car.
+ Simple gameplay. The game is a side-scroller and you control your car with your thumbs until the finish line, just beware at rockets, bombs and poisonous clouds
+ Achievements & Leaderboard. Compete against your friends to see who gets a better ranking at "Twisted Racer" and join the worldwide leaderboard.
Can you reach the finish line ahead your competitors? There’s only one way to find out, and since “Twisted Racer” is free you can get it right from Google Play ( ).

Last updated 7 Feb 2015