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Said some dumb things in your time? Wish you could start over? Well, TwitWipe gives you the ... More

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Published 27 Dec 2011

One of the great things about this Twitter tool is it's sense of humor. From it's rather amusing name through to it's wittily written demeanor - I think you'll get to like this place. So, what does the amusingly titled TwitWipe do? Well, you know if you write something stupid on Facebook you can easily delete it? Try doing that on Twitter. Not a chance. If you say something dumb on Twitter (and who can say they haven't?) it's there forever. TwitWipe solves that problem by letting you delete all your tweets with one click. Gone forever.

If you've said some dumb things in your time and wish you could start over TwitWipe is a free service kinda like Backupify that gives you the chance to delete all of your tweets in one fell swoop. There are a few reasons you might want to do this. You may need to start over and clean out your Twitter account before  handing it over to someone else or maybe you've just realised how that most of your tweets are pretty pathetic and you just want to give it away. So why not just start up another account, I hear you asking yourself? For a start, if It's going to be a separate, new account then all of your followers and followees and flurries will be gone! That's why you should use TwitWipe, because it lets you keep all your followers, favorites and the...