Two Minute Mobile View website

Developer description

Two Minute Mobile is the fastest, easiest way to make your website mobile-friendly.

Two Minute Mobile puts the information your mobile visitors want to see front and center, easily viewable on their phone. With Two Minute Mobile, your mobile visitors will see:

A beautiful, lightweight, fast-loading mobile-optimized landing page
Your phone number with click-to-call
Your address with click-to-map
Your email with click-to-email
Easy-to-use navigation for your web site
Your logo and brand colors from your website
Social media links, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
A navigation bar on every page of your site with a quick link to your mobile optimized landing page, click-to-call, and click-to-map
Doesn't affect how visitors with desktops or tablets view your site
No separate mobile site - everything runs on your existing site and domain, so you won’t lose your hard-earned search engine rankings

Last updated 6 Aug 2015