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Sometimes you want to share a PDF file directly with your Twitter friends without the hassle of ... More

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Published 28 Oct 2011

There have been plenty of times when I've said to a Twittere friend "Have you read any Jonathan Carroll books?" Of course, they've generally never heard of him so I offer to send them something so they can see if they like his writing. That's where it gets a little tricky. I could just go out and buy a copy of "Sleeping In Flames" and post it off but that takes time. I could use a file sharing site but, let's face it, that's a bit of a hassle. Twtebook is a PDF book share tool for Twitter that let's you share your file without even having to download it.
Sometimes you want to share a PDF file directly with your Twitter friends without the hassle of using a file sharing site like Rapidshare or Hotfile.
The Twtebook application will help you to do that. It also makes it possible to browse the pages on a web browser using pdfObject (standards-friendly PDF embedding) so that your friends don’t even have to download your file before reading it. Where Twtebook really gets interesting is if you are conversing with someone in foreign language territory. Many of the books that they might consider their life changing moments have probably never been released in the western world. Imagine getting e-books from the Middle East and Asia that no one else here has read.

Twtebook is a useful addition to your e-books arsenal. It does the job of sharing your Twitter friend's PDF's without all the fuss and bother of other file sharing sites. Twtebook is easy to use and you don't even have to download the file itself - you can just read the pages from within the application. Let's face it,the e-book isn't going away. Just wander down your local High Street and see if you can find a traditional book store. You may as well have all the tools you need to be able to ingest e-books your Twitter friends are dying for you to see. Twtebook is a book share tool you'll want to tweet about.

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