Developer description

txt Instant Messenger or txt IM for short will allow users to easily contact and engage in conversation with anyone currently in their address book. With this lightweight app it encourages people to send messages to chat with friends on our txt platform.

With our mission in mind, keeping our platform ad-free, spam-free and user security as a priority, we don't store our messages on our servers, so there is no trace of our user conversations online, we feel this will give the user what they want, secure conversations that are not monitored.

Also many messaging apps upload a persons address book, we however do not. We utilise the address book "on the fly" and in a way that your address book remains, your address book.

To use txt IM, first create an account, once created log into your account using a username and password, from there click start, this will show your address book and if someone you know if using txt you can start a conversation with them by selecting a persons name. Once a persons name is picked it will take you to your conversation view where messages can be exchanged with your contacts.

With these features and providing a privacy-first conversation tool for our users, people can use our app to engage in conversation with their friends and not worry that we are snooping on their conversations, which is what people are screaming out for.

Check out the app, its available for download Now.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015