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Published 23 Sep 2011

Well the French have a phrase for it. 'L'esprit De l'escalier ' - the spirit of the staircase. Things you wish you'd said at the time but thought of later. Well no longer will you have to endure the lack of a witty one liner to cheer up a friend or tell your partner you love them. Txt2nite ( no, it's not a new hip hop superstar) is an iPhone SMS tool that will always help you out with a clever or smartass comment when you're after a bit of late night texting fun.
Txt2nite is a free iPhone web app that features thousands of quotes, love poems and funny sms' that you can SMS to friends or loved ones. You can browse through numerous categories until you find that perfect epithet to create the right impression. There are heaps of categories to choose from -
everything from specific quotes celebrating Fathers' Day, Mothers' Day and Valentines Day to funny ones with titles like Rose Are Red, Police and Naughty SMS. Share by clicking a social network link below each entry, or simply highlight, and copy & paste into a text message. Just visit www.txt2nite.com on your iPhone and ‘add to homepage.'

It's a laugh, isn't it? There's nothing better than making a friend smile and sometimes its hard to find the way to achieve it. After all, remember the last time someone asked you if you had any good jokes? Its...