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Live chat software that includes email, Whatsapp, and other messengers as backup communication transports.
One of the weak points of almost all live chat platforms is that they become useless once the visitor closes its browser. allows your visitors to connect to the same chat with Whatsapp and other messengers as well as by sending and receiving emails.

Every time your operator sends a message to a client, checks all the possible ways of communication with what the client is reachable at the moment and chooses the most appropriate one.

That is the nature of omnichannel customer support software that the clients can use multiple ways to talk to your operators, and everything is seamlessly streamlined into one uninterrupted communication.

If a visitor’s recent message came from the chatbox installed on your website, then suggests that this message should be answered the same way. But once the visitor sends an email, then the answer should go to email because that is the communication channel that was recently chosen by the client.
Many different rules are applied to the communication and various events that trigger the change of priorities for the channels.
This automatic message routing is available to all clients. And paying customers can benefit from private phone numbers and private customer support email addresses.

If you use private email, then it is possible for to connect to its IMAP inbox, and all the incoming mail can be answered in the same way as the incoming messages from live chat, allowing you to benefit from the authentic omnichannel customer support experience.

In the free version, you get professionally tailored applications for desktop Windows and macOS and mobile apps for both Android and iOS. So, for example, your customer support operator can start a chat with a client in the office and then continue it on the mobile phone, having a coffee break somewhere else.

A customer support chatbox can be easily installed on your website by copy-pasting HTML code or using WordPress and other ready-made plugins.

Once the code is installed, you can connect more communication channels on your widget’s settings page.
We recommend customizing the widget appearance, the emails, and all other parameters according to your brand so that the communication with your customers looked as natural as possible.

Last updated 13 Sep 2021

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