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Txtot reminds iphone users to send text messages at the right time with the use of this simple ... More

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Published 23 Sep 2011

Sometimes it's the simple things that turn out to be the best. txtot, which basically stands for Text On Time, is an iPhone, mobile and SMS tool that will allow you to compose, schedule and remind the user to send their text message at exactly the right time. It's not only capable of sending out multiple business texts but it will also handle the delicate problem of wishing your mother a Happy Birthday.
txtot reminds iphone users to send text messages at the right time with the use of this simple application. You will never forget to send a message to people who might be anticipating a birthday greeting or even for an appointment with them. It sets a specific time when to send the text message and allows the iPhone to do the rest of it.  Plus, it can add, delete, delay and edit messages according to users’ preferences. All text messages are private and only stored on mobile devices just like a regular text message. txtot can remind users when to send the scheduled message with just a simple tap from it. Equally, mobile users can schedule simple text messages such as Happy Birthday or I Love You to their loved ones making sure that special events are never missed again.  A simple tap from the application will do the rest.

A brilliant innovation. Someone to give you a nudge when it's your mother's birthday. No more condescending looks when you walk in the door ever again. txtot is a simple and quite brilliant free SMS reminder tool that will save you from a lot of angst.The interface is sharp and businesslike and very easy to use and it's available as a free download if you are quick. I'll be having one of those then.

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